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Big day for the Bears!

17th April 2012
Image of Big day for the Bears!


The multi-sensory play environment discussed in an earlier blog has just taken a step  closer  to becoming reality today as our  clients have been informed  that  their preschool proposal has been shortlisted  - no doubt, due in no small measure,  to the impact of their planned play environment on the  selection panel!

As a further development, our enlightened clients have resolved to commission the CIC to digitally customise the interior environment of the preschool  in keeping with their cutting edge exterior. Precisely what shape this  will take awaits inspiration, however, suffice it to say, that budget notwithstanding,  it will also be responsive to sound as well as  touch enabling the system to double as an input platform which  physically transforms in response to changes in ambient sound and tactile pressure – exciting!

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