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21st October 2012
Image of Chaumont-sur-Loire


”our garden assigns the five basic human senses to its four distinct planting areas. Touch, hearing and sight are focused on individually within three quadrants, and taste and smell is naturally combined in the fourth. Each quadrant elicits a unique synesthetic response; light becomes touch, touch becomes sound or taste. Sensory information collected by the 'hubs' is fired across the roofs of the pergola in a way reminiscent of a neural network. It is deconstructed, transposed and then re-orchestrated within the sensorium to form a generative musical landscape. This is synesthesia par excellence.....”

Moreover, it is felt by the design team that, irrespective of the garden fortunes at the festival, it has immediate application as a digital playground, particularly for the disabled. We will therefore be looking for an appropriate permanent home for this garden concept.

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