The Design Process

Image of The Design Process

    'The designs were excellent; you interpreted our dreams and aspiration for our garden perfectly’


1: Initial Free Consultation.

During an hour long initial consultation we will:

·      review the existing qualities and conditions  of the  garden.

·      compile and explore the client’s wish list  

·      seek design opportunities within site constraints. 

·      agree a budget for the project which serves as a financial ‘comfort zone’for the client within which the designer can aim to exceed client expectations.  

·      compose a design Fee Proposal (fixed price)  for the clients consideration.

2: Survey

Depending on the size and complexity of the project we will:

·      undertake a garden survey recording all measurements and key site features.

·      carefully analyse the space, paying especial attention to changes of level, soil conditions, location of sun and shade, exposure to wind and frost…

·      on more complex sites, we appoint a surveying company to undertake the work - Quoted as a separate Fixed Fee.

3: The Design Brief - design elements and mood board.

In a second meeting we will:

·      provide the client with the best advice and direction possible to achieve their vision.

·      formulate a series of design objectives which constitute the design brief.

·      present a pictorial statement of the design elements  in  mood board format,

·      give an early insight into the potential visual direction of the project

4: Design Proposal.

On signing off the above, we proceed to the design proposal which includes:

·      a colour outline plan to scale

·       perspective drawings and materials

·       outline planting schedule.

·      Client feedback

5. 3D Visuals:

We can provide 3D visuals at an additional cost.These will enable you to enjoy a ‘fly through’

of your proposed design as well as being able to explore  it from every aspect,angle and

perspective - For more complex projects we may well  advocate  a 3D visual in order to assist

with a full understanding of the final design.

6: Planting Plan

The next step is to provide:

·       a detailed planting plan, with carefully chosen plants, creating a seasonal planting scheme to suit your garden aspect.

·      plant mood boards are provided for large schemes, with photographs of plant species,

·      and a plant schedule of quantities and size.

7 : Construction Drawings & Details

Our construction drawings detail dimensions, material specifications and technical data, and are the basis of the contractor’s quote. These technical drawings feature:

·      construction techniques to British Standard ensuring your project is built correctly

·      creative solutions to a wide range of challenging design problems.

·       solutions that are structurally and technically sound as well as visually pleasing.

8: Quotations & Garden Construction

We manage your garden project from design to completion. We can offer:

·      our own gold medal award winning in- house build  team

·       or we  can help select an independent contractor  and project manage on your behalf to give you peace of mind and ensure timely completion within budget.

Whatever construction path you choose, we act as your representative to guarantee cost-effective work carried out to the highest standard:

·      we prepare all tender documentation and provide you with a detailed quotation.

·      we provide a works programme setting out the project duration and how works will be completed.

·      a staged payment schedule will be agreed.

9: Project Monitoring & Site Inspections

If we are building, one of our designers will:

·      regularly attend site to ensure all external works are carried out to specification.

If you are using your own contractor, please let us know in advance:

·      We assist in any design changes and provide the client with regular progress reports.

·      Additional meetings are charged at our hourly rate.

Full support of both client and contractors ensures the smooth running of the project.

10: Installation of Soft Landscaping:

On completion of hard landscaping, the soft landscape

process commences, this involves:

·      using the approved planting plan.

·      organising plant selection, collection and delivery,

·      plant placement in conjunction with client approval