Gardens of Consciousness

Gardens of Consciousness

I would like to open our review of Gardens of Consciousness (G.O.C.) with a brief overview to delineate scope, and then we will probe individual elements and facets of this concept in subsequent blogs.

A Provisional Definition

Gardens of Consciousness can be seen as any environment that facilitates altered states of mind and being, states that energise and restore as well as enlighten and elevate!

As we shall see, such Gardens range from natural places that are ‘designed’ to foster creativity, to sacred spaces that are ‘configured’ to heal; from environments that are designed to galvanise and motivate to more ritualistic ‘tea’ gardens that can ease the exhausted soul into a state of relaxation and restoration.

Our environment is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, peak states that can be harnessed for self development and self actualisation….and as Maslow realised they also help fulfil humanities’ need for collective actualisation.

How to build your own G.O.C.

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William is an RHS award winning Landscape Architect with over 20 years experience in garden and landscape design in the UK and beyond. As the founder and CEO of The Design CIC and its affiliate The Design Charity, William has an abiding interest in the creation of transformative healing environmental design.

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