Terminal 2

Terminal 2

Heathrow Terminal Two to be given a Responsive Roof Garden

The Queens Terminal – Heathrow 

Determined to keep its place in the world rankings, Heathrow is aware of the competition from other highly rated international airports such as Changi in Singapore which boasts a ‘Social Tree’ – shown below – as well as three nature trails with themed gardens.

Like Changi, Heathrow aims to transform travel by providing tired passengers with a memorably restorative experience: ‘Slow down and take some time out of your travel schedule to refresh yourself with soothing nature. Pockets of lush greenery are scattered throughout our three terminals, which are easily accessible by our Sky trains. With four hours to spare, let our themed gardens transport you away from the hustle and bustle of travel.’

Of course, if travellers are to rest we must not neglect the children who will be provided with interactive entertainment area in their own landscape folly

In the meantime Mum and Dad can indulge in a little last minute shopping from a variety of screen and pod environments – ordered remotely selected goods can be delivered to the passengers as they board their plane.

Highlighting the role of the oak tree in the Great British landscape the design plays thematically with interactive digtal ‘acorn’ pods, data streaming oak tree branches, customised oak leaf Ipads and perhaps more humbly, projected oak leaf stepping stones.

In sum, the roof garden is programmed to be responsive on many levels, all of which aim to turn the tedium of travel into one of the most memorable parts of any holiday, as well as adding fun, relaxation and restoration to the most mundane business trip.



William is an RHS award winning Landscape Architect with over 20 years experience in garden and landscape design in the UK and beyond. As the founder and CEO of The Design CIC and its affiliate The Design Charity, William has an abiding interest in the creation of transformative healing environmental design.

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